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Find out how mission, vision and values represent the culture of our company

Here in Anya Cosmetiques Srl, we think that successful companies should be based on a culture that employees could share, identify themselves in and be proud of. An environment rich in training courses, which are the tools enhancing the employees’ professional growth: in order to reach this objective, it is necessary to develop a mission, a vision and a series of company values which represent the company image and environment.

Below you will find our mission, our vision and our charter of values, including the reasons why all this is important for Anya Cosmetiques Srl and its employees.


“Beauty will save the world” – (F. Dostoevskij)

True beauty is made, it is not born naturally. Beauty is not a condition, but an evolution, a continuous molding and shaping. It is a concept which, when applied to our body, fills it with meaning and gives it substance. It is the flavor of freedom, it is the awareness of existing, it is emotion and rationality, fantasy and logics at the same time. It is the ability to find the hidden soul within our everyday actions. It is living optimistically. It is a dream. Our mission is… give substance to the dream.


“One of the biggest joys in the world is Beauty. Look for it and acknowledge it where it exists, look for it and glorify it where it does not exist. If She is your companion, you can always be happy” – (Nefertiti)

When the immateriality of dreams becomes physical reality, it is often disappointing and the dreams shatter. This is the reason why it is absolutely fundamental in our vision to create our products within an intense and lively exchange with our suppliers and our customers, who have to become an active and creative part of our common objective of expressing an idea, a “generator of feelings”, in order to… give substance to the dream.


“To want is not enough; you must crave a thing to master it” – (Ovid)

We want to interpret and express in new ways the forms of style and of personality, and the taste of life. While respecting humanity, sustainable development and the environment, we are investing considerable resources in order to continuously improve our performances. Despite working within a well-established industrial reality, with our strength and willpower combined with our technological capacity, we will always be able to honor the ever-changing art of movement and molding of matter to create new distinctive elements in order to… give substance to the dream.

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