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An idea is born: let us talk about it. We will discuss how we could make your ideas come true. It is a moment of exchange to plan on common objectives. We will analyze market conditions, regulations, product positioning and logistic aspects. We will create a successful product.


We make use of all our knowledge and competence to create user-customized products. We choose the packaging and the technical compatibilities for your project.


We honor the levers for innovation of a product to create a competitive advantage. Together, we will be pioneers of new business frontiers by anticipating the competition. Otherwise, we will analyze your competitors’ positioning in order to choose the best market sector for your product.


You will be invited to visit all our production departments. You will then be able to see how we work and organize around your project. We will work together for its improvements, which could be useful for the both of us.


The product you have in mind takes shape in our laboratories. We search for and use the best ingredients to give value to your project. The company know-how, which is constantly growing, has allowed us to create during the past years 15,000 formulae in any field of cosmetics. We guarantee activity tests (SPF, anti-aging, moisturizing, …), instrumental tests (heavy metals, gluten-free, …) and safety tests (patch test, sensitization, ophthalmologic, …).


We study the formula; you will have to sell the product. The link is technical Marketing: we will plan together the messages you will send to your customers, achieving a successful communication that includes the unique features of your product and a creative commercial expression.


Regulation No 1223/2009 includes the registration to the CPNP and the mandatory compilation of the P.I.F. We will assist you through these processes, sending you the information you need to register your product or we will register it for you as a sub-organization. The P.I.F. requires a series of technical concepts: we can compile this document together with you. We are always available to provide you with regulatory assistance.


We plan production while meeting your needs. Dynamism and agility offer you a turnkey service, thus allowing you to make the best use of your product lifecycle. It is our duty to guarantee delivery times with precise dates which we communicate five days after the order date.


All our production processes undergo quality control, in conformance with ISO:9001 and GMP. Agility should not compromise product and service quality.


We honor our customers and we like to satisfy their needs as partners: this is our mission statement. Let us constantly aim at improving our products and our services. You deserve quality, reliability and professionalism.


Our job does not end here. We want to stay close to you during the whole lifecycle of your product. We will always be there for any issue or explanation. The full-time service we have been offering for years is limitless.

“Towards the future. Accelerating”

Our challenge?
To constantly renew ourselves in a fast society and to be able to react in real time. The close connection between product and utilities is what makes the differentiation.
In Anya Cosmetiques Srl we do not have eyes only for the product we proudly hold in our hand: we carefully scan the horizon with the spirit and strategy of a service company.
In Anya Cosmetiques Srl we have listened rather than chatting.
In Anya Cosmetiques Srl we have suggested ideas rather than pushing products.
In Anya Cosmetiques Srl we have offered more rather than promising more.
As a result, in Anya Cosmetiques Srl we are accelerating towards the future with the strength of our ideas, seizing the moment, constantly investing on improving our products and services.

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