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Product quality is essential in order to ensure, maintain and improve our Customers satisfaction. To us, unlimited Customer satisfaction means constantly satisfying our Customer’s needs and make sure they always make the best use of our services and performances. This is ensured thanks to the excellent quality and reliability of our products and services, thanks to constant innovative improvements and thanks to a dedicated customer service. We constantly improve our processes in order to optimize at the same time the added value obtained. Constantly and efficiently trained accordingly in their respective fields, all staff and employees in Anya Cosmetiques Srl work together to the application and development of our Quality Management System, with the purpose of meeting the quality or service requirements agreed upon with our Customers, from the design and supply phase to product delivery and customer assistance.

We share our fundamental values (integrity, responsibility, cohesiveness, innovation and central role of the individual), which guide our behavior towards other people.

We are ISO 9001 certified, a guarantee of high standards met by following processes constantly aimed at improving efficiency at all levels.

We work towards a new global governance, a “Future Land” where the environment and its inhabitants are respected, a fairer social and economic system.

We want to become a symbol of quality and efficiency to those customers who share our values. We listen to them on our Social Media.

We guarantee a correct use of materials, limiting waste and always finding new solutions to the creation of easily recyclable packaging.

We are Good Manufacturing Practices certified by adopting the ISO 22716 harmonized standard, defending businesses aiming at thoroughly meeting their Customers’ safety expectations.

Our health and safety management system is measured through competence development and adjusted to the actual business complexity.

We care for the environment, using energy produced from renewable sources while limiting fossil fuel use.

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