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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on a user’s computer whilst they are browsing a website. When browsing a site, users may also receive cookies on their computer sent by other web servers or sites (“third-party cookies”), which contain some of the elements (e.g. images, maps, audio, specific links to pages to other domains) displayed on the site they are currently visiting. Cookies are used for different purposes: authentication, monitoring of sessions, storing information on specific configurations concerning the users accessing the server etc. Please note that, in implementation of the requirements of 2009/136/EC Directive, there is a requirement to acquire prior informed consent from users before cookies used for purposes other than purely technical one are stored on their computer (see art. 1 para. 5 a) of Italian leg. Decree of 28 May 2012, no. 69, which modified art. 122 of Italian leg. Decree 196/2003 – the “Code”). There are therefore two broad categories of cookies: “technical” cookies and “profiling” cookies.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those used only to “perform transmission of communications over an electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the supplier of an information service explicitly requested by the subscriber or by the user to supply that service” (art. 122, para. 1 of the Code). They are not used for further purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner or manager of the website. They can be divided into navigation or session cookies, which permit normal navigation or use of the web site (allowing, for example, a purchase to be made or authentication for access to private areas to be performed); analytics cookies, similar to technical cookies when used directly by the site operator to gather aggregate data on the number of users and how they use the site; functionality cookies, which allow users to navigate the site on the basis of a series of selected criteria (for example language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided to the same. Storage of these cookies does not require prior consent from users, while the obligation to inform them pursuant to article 13 of the Code remains unchanged.

Profiling cookies

The purpose of profiling cookies is to create profiles on the user, and they are used in order to send advertising messages in line with their web browsing preferences.

What cookies are used by this Site?

This Site uses different types of cookies and similar technologies, each of which carries a specific function. This Site can be browsed by users also without using cookies, however in this case we cannot guarantee them the best browsing experience. Below are listed the cookies used by this Site and their function.

Navigation and session cookies

Navigation cookies and session cookies guarantee the standard browsing experience in this Site (e.g. allowing users to display the Site contents on their device in the language spoken where they are connected, or purchasing items through e-commerce systems). Navigation cookies are technical cookies; therefore they are necessary to the correct functioning of this Site.

Analytic cookies

This Site uses Google Analytics to collect and process statistical analysis on the visitor behavior with their computer or mobile device, on the number of pages visited or on the number of clicks on a visited page. The information collected by our website is used by our company to monitor and improve the general browsing experience. This website processes anonymous data and only for statistical purposes.

How to disable cookies

Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. It is possible to control and disable cookies in the browser settings. Disabling or blocking navigation or functional cookies may result in some degradation of website performance, thus limiting the service offered by the website.

Below are the links to the guidelines to the main browser cookie settings:

– Internet Explorer

– Safari

– Chrome

– Firefox

To disable analytic cookies and prevent Google Analytics to collect data on the navigation of this Site, you can download the browser add-on to disable Google here.

For further information about privacy, please visit the Privacy Policy page.

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